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About Us

Trading name : HATHONG . , JSC
Tax Code :0101492090
Business Registration Number :0103004263
Company Headquarters :Bo De Street - Long Bien - Hanoi
Factory :Lo 2 - Road TS12 - Tien Son Industrial Zone - Bac Ninh
Phone : 04.3873 1635-09022 80 879
Fax : 0241.3714 584
      Ha Thong Corporation is one of the leading companies in the field VIETNAM pressure equipment , tank fabrication of low temperature liquefied gas


With the motto of " Top quality , competitive price , various designs ," Ha Information Corporation has confirmed names , have a place in the heart of customer trust and assert themselves on the market .

Over the course of more than 10 years development , the company has constantly technological innovation , improve quality , improve product design to provide the market with the best products . All officers and employees of the company are valued " customer benefit is our own benefit " .

Compressed gas cylinders

Compressed gas cylinders

 To date Ha Thong Joint Stock Company has provided information to the market nearly 1,000 types of gas cylinders. The gas tanks are designed and manufactured according to ISO 8366-2010 standards. Built on modern machines to ensure safe working conditions strictly.
- Average working pressure of from 5-40 kgf/cm2
- Average temperature of 100 degrees C

- Material manufactured SS400, Q345B, SUS304 ...

Thể tích

Kích thước chính D x H (mm)

Mã hiệu

V = 600 lít

D700 x H 2200

HT BKN – 0,6/10 – số chế tạo

V = 1.000 lít

D850 x H 2300

HT BKN – 1,0/10 – số chế tạo

V = 1.500 lít

D1.000 x H 2400

HT BKN – 1,5/10 – số chế tạo

V = 2.000 lít

D1.200 x H 2400

HT BKN – 2,0/10 – số chế tạo

V = 3.000 lít

D1.300 x H 2700

HT BKN – 3,0/10 – số chế tạo

V = 4.000 lít

D1.300 x H 3350

HT BKN – 4,0/10 – số chế tạo

V = 5.000 lít

D1.500 x H 3200

HT BKN – 5,0/10 – số chế tạo

V = 6.000 lít

D1.600 x H 3500

HT BKN – 6,0/10 – số chế tạo

V = 8.000 lít

D1.700 x H 4400

HT BKN – 8,0/10 – số chế tạo

V = 10.000 lít

D1.900 x H 4500

HT BKN – 10/10 – số chế tạo 

In addition to ready-made templates that size (p = 10 kgf/cm2), we will advise the design and manufacture according to customer requirements (size, working pressure, design ..)

Services Corporation provides Ha Thong

Services Corporation provides Ha Thong

- Consulting to design systems using liquefied petroleum gas O2, N2, CO2, Ar, LPG​​, NH3
- Design consultancy bottle filling systems O2, N2, CO2, Ar, LPG​​, NH3
- Product design 3D model.

Specialized manufacturing and installation of equipment:
- Reservoirs, tanks transporting liquefied types of O2, N2, CO2, Ar, LPG​​, NH3
- The equipment for the chemical industry, water treatment equipment
- The system of O2, N2, CO2, Ar, LPG​​, NH3
- The pressure equipment
- Steel structures for buildings, plants
- Tanks for storage and transportation of oil, water, acid, chemical types

       Capacity on demand in accordance with the special purpose vehicle
       Environmental quality work: oil, water, acid, chemical types
       Materials: Depending on the solvent containing (SUS201, 304, CT3 ...)

       Epoxy coating, or paint coated composites are often

LPG storage tanks and transport, NH3

LPG storage tanks and transport, NH3


VC cisterns and chemicals

VC cisterns and chemicals

Tanks for storage and transport of chemicals
Bath for Toyota Vietnam 
An agitator for Toto Company in Vietnam 
Tanks containing 25,000 liters of alcoholic liquor company in Hanoi
Oil cisterns and NaOH for PepsiCo Vietnam 
 Tank washing systems for Parker Company in Vietnam

Storage tanks and transport liquid CO2

Storage tanks and transport liquid CO2

CO2 is used in many fields such as shielding gas used in welding process , as food preservatives and carbonated water .
   Previously : Co2 gas stored in gas cylinders with a capacity of 40 liters , a working pressure of 150 bar . The small bottle and stored in high pressure high fire risk and not economic .
   Along with the development and research , Ha Thong Corporation has designed and manufactured liquid CO2 tank , is stored in large tanks with a capacity of 50,000 liters . 2 shell tanks , working pressure p < = 22 bar . Between 2 shell is insulated with insulating powder and vacuum reaches -760 mmHg vacuum . To ensure the long-term storage tank is designed with cooling coil inside the tank to maintain the stability of tank pressure ( hypertension avoid wasting )
- Tank fabrication material : shell in Q345B , SS400 casing
- Tank is designed and manufactured according to ISO 8366-2010 standards , have been processed and manufactured on advanced machinery , welding workers are qualified skilled execution. Tank is 100 % ultrasonic weld length and can be customized radiology at the request of customers

The shell of the tank 2 Ha Joint Stock Company information is provided for most of the units in the country from north to south ( Vinashin , Vinh Hao Mineral Water Company - Binh Thuan , CKL Company - Pacific , The beverage companies in Can Tho , Mekong American Development company - HCMC , North Tribeco company .... )

Storage tanks and transport O2, N2, Ar liquid

Storage tanks and transport O2, N2, Ar liquid

Storage tanks and transport oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon is super cold tub. Working temperature range - 200 ° C
- Working pressure p = -17 kgf/cm2
- Bon 2 layer insulated powder and vacuum insulation
  Shell made ​​of materials in SUS304, SS400 material vongoai.

Reservoirs of supercooled Ha JSC Information is provided for units in the country, from North to South (Vinashin Group, Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company, precision engineering company Vinashin, hospitals Vinh Phuc, Hoan My Hospital, Corporation Hoa Lac Hi-tech ...)

Water Treatment Equipment

Water Treatment Equipment

Ha Thong Corporation is proud to partner equipment supplier of many domestic and foreign companies in the field of water treatment will now consist of both water supply and waste water

     The works that Ha Thong Corporation joined as tank pressure filter for PepsiCo North security system block and open fields Taurus river, river clay, Thanh Liet River, Water Factory Yen Vien, The Bac Kan water Company, plant Hoya, Panasonic, SOC ....
Pressure filtration D3600

Water treatment system 

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