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Storage tanks and transport liquid CO2

Storage tanks and transport liquid CO2

Storage tanks and transport liquid CO2

CO2 is used in many fields such as shielding gas used in welding process , as food preservatives and carbonated water .
   Previously : Co2 gas stored in gas cylinders with a capacity of 40 liters , a working pressure of 150 bar . The small bottle and stored in high pressure high fire risk and not economic .
   Along with the development and research , Ha Thong Corporation has designed and manufactured liquid CO2 tank , is stored in large tanks with a capacity of 50,000 liters . 2 shell tanks , working pressure p < = 22 bar . Between 2 shell is insulated with insulating powder and vacuum reaches -760 mmHg vacuum . To ensure the long-term storage tank is designed with cooling coil inside the tank to maintain the stability of tank pressure ( hypertension avoid wasting )
- Tank fabrication material : shell in Q345B , SS400 casing
- Tank is designed and manufactured according to ISO 8366-2010 standards , have been processed and manufactured on advanced machinery , welding workers are qualified skilled execution. Tank is 100 % ultrasonic weld length and can be customized radiology at the request of customers

The shell of the tank 2 Ha Joint Stock Company information is provided for most of the units in the country from north to south ( Vinashin , Vinh Hao Mineral Water Company - Binh Thuan , CKL Company - Pacific , The beverage companies in Can Tho , Mekong American Development company - HCMC , North Tribeco company .... )

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